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Print Fair @ The Calder

Last Saturday I visited a contemporary art space (located in a 19th century former textiles mill just outside the Hepworth Wakefield gallery) which was hosting a print fair. There were 57 stall holders and some really interesting things to see and buy. I thought this would be a good opportunity to feature some of the printmakers that you can support them by ordering directly from their online stores.


Here is the actual gallery building with The Calder located just behind it. Hepworth Wakefield is a fantastic place to visit especially if you’re into modern sculpture. Below is a picture of the actual event – plenty of art to choose from and with prices between £1 and £600+ there was definitely something for everybody.


Prints that really caught my attention were those presented by B&B Gallery (example below). I love the black and white details paired with a geometric gold leaf effect.  Colorado by Florence Blanchard is a 2 colour hand-pulled screen print which you can order from the B&B Gallery’s online shop at http://www.bandbgallery.com Sadly it looks like the gold version is sold out but there is a bright yellow one left (unfortunately I’m not a big fan of yellow colour).


Florence Blanchar – Colorado


Another artist I would like to feature is Jenny McCabe. I think I must have missed her stall or perhaps I was going around the place too quickly only stopping by big displays as they were hard to miss. Anyway I found her business name “Coo & Co” on a stall holders list and fortunately it caught my attention. Visit http://www.cooandco.co.uk to find out more about Jenny and to purchase something from her small online shop.

bird drawing printpintopinterest

Jenny McCabe


There was also a stall from Helen Peyton who specialises in limited edition lino monoprint and lino reduction prints. Lino printing is a hand-crafted art and Helen creates her prints on a Victorian printing press that is the complete opposite to high tech, this one is no tech! Visit http://helenpeyton.com/

Helen Peyton - Bobbinspintopinterest

Helen Peyton – Bobbins


My favourite stall was located more or less in the middle of the place and it seemed a bit different from the others…there was a table, a laptop and some impressive prints hanging on a wall behind it, from massive to small ones. If I had £1,600.00 to spend on a print I would definitely buy the “Overflow” from Lisa Lee which is an aquatint on Fabriano paper, measuring 1400mm x 590mm so a very tall artwork. I may be wrong but the price seemed much less than online as I don’t recall seeing anything above £1000 there but again I might have misread it. Shame the pic on their website is quite poor and doesn’t really reflect the print quality but believe me his print looks really impressive when framed and the details are stunning. http://www.atelierji.com

Lisa Lee - Overflowpintopinterest

Lisa Lee – Overflow


The last stall holder I would like to feature is Staithes Studios  http://staithesstudios.com. I also published a full scanned list of stall holders below so you can do your own search and discover more. There was so many great artists and a good variety of print techniques and subjects but I wish some prints were displayed better (perhaps in larger scale or perhaps the space was too small) as during my visit I had a strange impression almost every stall looked the same. Staithes Studios definitely stand out and I really liked their long (art deco inspired) landscape prints (by Ian Mitchell – http://www.ianmitchell-art.com which are both interesting and affordable.

Ian Mitchell - Whitby Pierspintopinterest

Ian Mitchell – Whitby Piers


hepworth print fairpintopinterest

hepworth print fair

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