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Niki Boon

Growing up with no smartphones, no Netflix, no Snapchat? To many these were the good ole days.
Those childhoods of yesteryear are alive and well today for Niki Boon’s children, who spend their days with their cousins soaking in life and nature on a 10-acre coastline property in New Zealand, rather than spending it draining iPad batteries or cell data.
Boon explains on her website that her children, “are unschooled and live without TV or modern electronic devices.” Acknowledging this as an unconventional setup in today’s day and age, Boon chooses to celebrate their simpler lifestyle.
I document [my children’s] days, together, in an environment full of nature and uninhibited play. I photograph as physical record of their childhood, life as it is…the real…but also as a reflection of a childhood rooted deep in my own past…a most sincere place of freedom…a childhood I now pass on to my own children. I believe my children are right where they belong, covered in mud, running and living through nature. They belong here wild and free and earth connected in a way where the landscape begins and there [sic] little souls end.

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