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MAKING A DIFFERENCE – August – Cancer Research – 30 Mile Race

30 mile race Yorkshire to Lancashire

August’s donation goes to Cancer Research on behalf of a bunch of super fit friends who are training hard for a 30 (!) mile stretcher race. Big thumbs up and tons of support for organising and training like mad for this event taking place in 2018. Read more / donte here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/rothwell-bmf-on-tour


**£5000** is a big target to raise,
But it’s for a cause that is close to so many,
We’ve got from now until next May,
To gather all our pennies.

There are so many forms of cancer,
It’s hard to comprehend,
But staying strong and fighting it,
Is what we will do until the end.

Mouth, throat, bone and skin,
Breast, prostate, and lung,
Cancer comes in so many forms,
It’s hard to name just one.

I have friends and family who have cancer right now,
They deal with it in different ways,
But the main thing is to help in the fight,
To brighten and lengthen their days.

The amazing team at Rothwell (British Military Fitness)
Who train so hard already,
Are picking up the pace,
So in May they will be ready.

For The 30 mile stretcher race,
In turns we’ll share the weight,
Along the canal from Yorks to Lancs,
This date for us awaits.

So to all of you who want to donate
Here is our page
Donate what you want, what you can,
Anything would be amaze!!


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