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April’s donation goes to Beat Autism – an organisation dedicated to helping parents and carers with children on the Autistic Spectrum. Their aim is to make a major positive difference to these families lives.


Autism is a condition which affects the way a person responds to the world around them.

The label is given to people who have untypical social interactions, communication and have some restrictive and/or repetitive behaviour. It is called a spectrum condition because the symptoms of autism can vary such a lot from person to person.


Some Facts About Autism

  • Autism affects about one child in every hundred(1)
  • Around four times as many boys as girls are likely to be diagnosed with autism.
  • For a diagnosis of autism, the behaviours must begin before the age of three.


Beat Autism offers workshops that are packed full of all the essential information, skills and strategies that are needed to bring about a huge change.



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Beat-Autism-423936901076564/

Website: http://www.beatautism.co.uk/



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