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Full Branding Design Explained

Today I would like to talk about the most complex logo design package I offer which includes full branding research and marketing strategy. I have just completed such commission for a talented cake designer so I thought it would be a good time to show her fantastic designs and studio (next post) as well as explain what the service is about.

As usual, we start from my questionnaire which is a bit different from the regular one but I don’t ask any difficult questions, don’t worry! After I receive your answers I usually put a list of further questions (to clarify things or request some screenshots, nothing scary!).

Then I start working on the research which takes from one to three weeks, depending on the amount of data I need to analyse, your location and the actual type of business. The final document also comes as presentation so it’s visually attractive and easy to understand! There will be some marketing terms you may not be familiar with but don’t worry – it’s all clearly explained! I’m pleased to say that customers’ feedback on this bit is always fantastic and incredibly creative! I love to hear that my research helps them get a better understanding of their business idea, learn about competitors and competitors’ marketing they weren’t familiar with, see how unique and competitive their products or services actually are and most importantly how to target their market using simple but effective methods so that it works for their business and generates more income. I often hear that the full branding research and marketing strategy tips help my customers visualise a bigger picture of their business environment as well as position themselves in the market and better understand why certain actions work and others don’t. I think if you’re truly dedicated to your work and love what you do, you may sometimes struggle to find enough time to even think of how to make your business more profitable by implementing marketing techniques….and that’s ok! After all you’re an expert in your business and don’t need to be a marketing specialist, a graphic designer and a brand strategist!


Below you can see a preview of how the actual document looks like. You will receive a pdf and a presentation of around 20-30 pages – this is a one long sheet showing combined pages, blurred for copyright purposes (I don’t share your details and research with anyone else!)


You can find more information about this service by going to the work with me page. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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