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In my last post I explained what the full branding research is about, now I want to talk a bit about one of my customers who is a talented cake designer from Edmond, Oklahoma.

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lovely cakes designed by Stacie!


Her old logo was a bit outdated and didn’t reflect what the business was really about. Bakery or cake designer, you would say. Sure, but did it look warm, inviting, professional and as exquisite as Stacie’s cakes are? Well, not really and that’s what I’m talking about. The entire design (colors, graphics, textures, layout) needs to reflect what’s behind the brand and it also needs to reflect your core values. I started from developing the entire branding including marketing strategy (see previous post) as well as tagline: “Taste. Enjoy. Celebrate.” which is simple yet catchy.


cake logo designpintopinterest


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I’m not totally criticising the old design – it might have worked several years ago when graphic design trends were different and software not as advanced as today. It’s important that the logo doesn’t have to be constantly changed as once the business is established each new change can confuse customers (not to mention it can be expensive to rebrand!) You may want to check out the mood board (below) to get an idea how the entire branding was turned from outdated and unattractive to elegant, welcoming and tasteful. Classic designs last forever.


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Stacie has a fantastic studio and shop and I would love to visit this place one day – it’s so well arranged and so welcoming! And who wouldn’t want a studio like hers?!


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    Today I would like to talk about the most complex logo design package I offer which includes full branding research and marketing strategy. I have just completed such commission for a talented cake designer so I thought it would be a good time to show her fantastic designs and studio (next post) as well as explain what the service is about.

    As usual, we start from my questionnaire which is a bit different from the regular one but I don’t ask any difficult questions, don’t worry! After I receive your answers I usually put a list of further questions (to clarify things or request some screenshots, nothing scary!).

    Then I start working on the research which takes from one to three weeks, depending on the amount of data I need to analyse, your location and the actual type of business. The final document also comes as presentation so it’s visually attractive and easy to understand! There will be some marketing terms you may not be familiar with but don’t worry – it’s all clearly explained! I’m pleased to say that customers’ feedback on this bit is always fantastic and incredibly creative! I love to hear that my research helps them get a better understanding of their business idea, learn about competitors and competitors’ marketing they weren’t familiar with, see how unique and competitive their products or services actually are and most importantly how to target their market using simple but effective methods so that it works for their business and generates more income. I often hear that the full branding research and marketing strategy tips help my customers visualise a bigger picture of their business environment as well as position themselves in the market and better understand why certain actions work and others don’t. I think if you’re truly dedicated to your work and love what you do, you may sometimes struggle to find enough time to even think of how to make your business more profitable by implementing marketing techniques….and that’s ok! After all you’re an expert in your business and don’t need to be a marketing specialist, a graphic designer and a brand strategist!


    Below you can see a preview of how the actual document looks like. You will receive a pdf and a presentation of around 20-30 pages – this is a one long sheet showing combined pages, blurred for copyright purposes (I don’t share your details and research with anyone else!)


    You can find more information about this service by going to the work with me page. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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      “Unearth Malee blossomed from the rich cultural surroundings that creator, Marie, grew up in. Her Thai-American background gave her the daily fortune of experiencing exotic Asian cuisine. It was her mother’s kitchen that offered the perfect setting for her intrigue of savory essences of fragrant Asian herbs and spices. Smells of cilantro, lemongrass, ginger, kaffir lime, coconut milk, tamarind, and jasmine rice would permeate throughout the house.”


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        My latest illustration was inspired by pictures of wedding hairstyles I found on pinterest: braids, buns, etc. all incorporating real flowers. I absolutely love roses, peonies, dahlias combined with bay or olive tree leaves and I wanted to make them stand out in this illustration.

        watercolor illustration womanpintopinterest


        Above: some peach watercolor roses, olive leaves and a pencil drawing of a woman with messy, romantic hairstyle and lace dress. You can now order this design as a premade logo – simply follow this link.

        watercolor hair woman braid flowerspintopinterest

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          Growing up with no smartphones, no Netflix, no Snapchat? To many these were the good ole days.
          Those childhoods of yesteryear are alive and well today for Niki Boon’s children, who spend their days with their cousins soaking in life and nature on a 10-acre coastline property in New Zealand, rather than spending it draining iPad batteries or cell data.
          Boon explains on her website that her children, “are unschooled and live without TV or modern electronic devices.” Acknowledging this as an unconventional setup in today’s day and age, Boon chooses to celebrate their simpler lifestyle.
          I document [my children’s] days, together, in an environment full of nature and uninhibited play. I photograph as physical record of their childhood, life as it is…the real…but also as a reflection of a childhood rooted deep in my own past…a most sincere place of freedom…a childhood I now pass on to my own children. I believe my children are right where they belong, covered in mud, running and living through nature. They belong here wild and free and earth connected in a way where the landscape begins and there [sic] little souls end.

          artist’s website

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