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September & October donation goes to


Leeds College of Music




In 2017, Leeds College of Music will be moving their music library to the Quarry Hill Skyline building, dramatically increasing the resources available to our students, and opening up our impressive facilities and jazz archives of national importance to the public.

In order for this to happen, we need to raise £1,280,000.We’re almost there. Get involved to make this project a reality and help us fundraise the remaining £20,000 required.

Your support will ensure that we can continue to deliver world-class musical education to students.

Our archive includes thousands of CDs and vinyl records –covering everything from jazz to classical and everything in-between. It also includes the manuscripts of the Ted Heath Band (the most successful big band in Britain during the 50’s) and the scores of Neil Richardson, Brian Fahey and stereo pioneer, Ronnie Aldrich.

Help bring our new music library, to life and share this extensive collection with the general public by donating below:



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    30 mile race Yorkshire to Lancashire

    August’s donation goes to Cancer Research on behalf of a bunch of super fit friends who are training hard for a 30 (!) mile stretcher race. Big thumbs up and tons of support for organising and training like mad for this event taking place in 2018. Read more / donte here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/rothwell-bmf-on-tour


    **£5000** is a big target to raise,
    But it’s for a cause that is close to so many,
    We’ve got from now until next May,
    To gather all our pennies.

    There are so many forms of cancer,
    It’s hard to comprehend,
    But staying strong and fighting it,
    Is what we will do until the end.

    Mouth, throat, bone and skin,
    Breast, prostate, and lung,
    Cancer comes in so many forms,
    It’s hard to name just one.

    I have friends and family who have cancer right now,
    They deal with it in different ways,
    But the main thing is to help in the fight,
    To brighten and lengthen their days.

    The amazing team at Rothwell (British Military Fitness)
    Who train so hard already,
    Are picking up the pace,
    So in May they will be ready.

    For The 30 mile stretcher race,
    In turns we’ll share the weight,
    Along the canal from Yorks to Lancs,
    This date for us awaits.

    So to all of you who want to donate
    Here is our page
    Donate what you want, what you can,
    Anything would be amaze!!


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      Just a quick update on the latest donations in this joint post covering both June and July. After receiving some good feedback on the previous donation to a local gallery I decided to support several local art related projects for a few more months. Many art charities operating on behalf of art spaces and events are often under huge pressures to continue their vital services and to quickly bring in the funds to enable this.


      The Art House

      The Art House provides time, space and support for artists and associates to develop their critical practice and professional careers. Everyone is welcome to experience contemporary visual art and learn about the practice of being an artist through a year-round programme of exhibitions and events.The Art House is a visual arts development agency and registered charity established in 1994 in response to the lack of facilities for disabled visual artists.

      find out more: http://www.the-arthouse.org.uk




      Nova Collective

      The Nova Collective, supported by the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, is a new initiative to help and promote young artistic talent in our town many of whom are struggling to translate their skills and qualifications into paid employment.

      find out more: http://hebdenbridgeartsfestival.co.uk/support-hbaf/


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        hepworth wakefieldpintopinterest

        May’s donation went to The Hepworth Wakefield –  an art gallery in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England, which opened on 21 May 2011. The gallery is situated on the south side of the River Calder and takes its name from artist and sculptor Barbara Hepworth who was born and educated in the city.


        One of the most significant and exciting places for sculpture in Europe’ (Will Gompertz, BBC)

        The Hepworth Wakefield’s 1,600 square metres (17,000 sq ft) of purpose-built gallery space houses 44 plaster and aluminum working models donated by Dame Barbara Hepworth’s family and temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. Items from Wakefield’s art collection which spans the 16th century to the present day are on display, including works by Henry Moore, who was born in Castleford in the Wakefield district, Ben Nicholson, Graham Sutherland, Paul Nash, Jacob Epstein, Walter Sickert, Anthony Caro, Ivon Hitchens, LS Lowry, and David Hockney.





        Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TheHepworthWakefield/

        Website: http://www.hepworthwakefield.org/about/



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          April’s donation goes to Beat Autism – an organisation dedicated to helping parents and carers with children on the Autistic Spectrum. Their aim is to make a major positive difference to these families lives.


          Autism is a condition which affects the way a person responds to the world around them.

          The label is given to people who have untypical social interactions, communication and have some restrictive and/or repetitive behaviour. It is called a spectrum condition because the symptoms of autism can vary such a lot from person to person.


          Some Facts About Autism

          • Autism affects about one child in every hundred(1)
          • Around four times as many boys as girls are likely to be diagnosed with autism.
          • For a diagnosis of autism, the behaviours must begin before the age of three.


          Beat Autism offers workshops that are packed full of all the essential information, skills and strategies that are needed to bring about a huge change.



          Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Beat-Autism-423936901076564/

          Website: http://www.beatautism.co.uk/



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